Enginet Africa Group is a technologically driven, project engineering house focusing on the conversation of natural resources into marketable products, primarily in developing regions with evolving economics

  • Leading edge process engineering and specialist technologies
  • Core project-management capability adapted to difficult and remote terrains with minimal infrastructure
  • Assistance in raising project funding and reaching commercial agreements
  • Flexible contract structuring manages commercial risk

Enginet Africa provides a multidisciplinary engineering and technology consultancy to the power sector and related industry. The service comprise engineering/design and project management for the power generation industry, serving traditional power generators and independent power producers (IPPS)

Projects are taken from initiation to commercial handover with optional maintenance phase assistance.

Power plant project development:

  • Green-and brownfield development
  • Development of plants ,utilising conventional as well as non-conventional energy sources and/or technologies
  • Power plant life-cycle cost-of –ownership
  • Value engineering on existing plants
  • Utilisation of state-of-the-art design and analysis tools

Access to specialist co-and tri-generation technology such as waste-to-energy conversion and denoxification amongst others

Front-and back-end technologies for coal fired power plants:

  • Coal beneficiation with DMS or jigging
  • Coal management systems
  • Milling plant
  • Pump technologies
  • Flue-gas cleaning and dust control
  • Ash classification and dust removal
  • Water and effluent treatment

Consulting services:

  • Technical ,economic and financial analyses
  • Due-diligence reviews
  • Engineering and design

Enginet Africa

Supplies systems for both bulk-materials handling as well as in-plant applications. Any difficult or unique handling problem involving conventional and novel systems is tackled, from feasibility study to lump-sum turnkey (LSTK) projects.