Enginet Africa Group’s dedicated procurement team provides a range of procurement and supply chain management services.

With vast experience in the sourcing of equipment and materials to meet the needs of capital projects, plant upgrades, shutdown, and refurbishment, Enginet is a partner for any demanding environment looking for predictable sourcing support. We can execute direct and “for-and-behalf-of” procurement for any client and location.  Items procured vary from specialised technical equipment to raw materials.

The Enginet Africa Group has established strategic partners with various OEMs and sourcing hubs which allows us to procure regionally, with offices and staff in Africa and beyond. All these regions offer quality assurance and inspections before shipment. With visibility of the entire supply chain, our hubs analyse the total cost, distance, and quality to find the right equipment and material. Our teams have close relationships with hundreds of suppliers, and they are as selective about who they work with as you are.

We have strong relationships with agents globally. And we will manage the complete logistics process to ensure the on-time delivery of products. In particular, EngiProcure has a network of local partners in Africa that focus on local servicing of clients and ensuring the management of complex African logistics.

If you are looking to improve your profit margins on the project or are currently bidding a project and want to be more competitive in your local market, the  procurement team can assist you through international procurement:

  • Global or targeted sourcing
  • Preparation of data sheets and specifications
  • Preparation of enquiry packages
  • Technical and commercial adjudications with recommendations to purchase
  • Agree on discount structures – where applicable
  • Order or contract negotiation and placement
  • Quality assurance and expediting by specialists
  • Facilitate support agreements with OEMs
  • Supporting documentation – manuals, drawings, etc
  • Transport logistics for remote sites

Enginet Africa’s procurement service provides sourcing solutions that balance total cost, delivery time and quality for Enginet Africa projects.
Enginet Africa uses state-of-the-art software to manage the specification, quantification, estimation, scheduling, delivery and issue at site of all materials.

Services are supplied across the supply chain:

  • Procurement needs analysis.
  • Supplier identification and evaluation.
  • Pre-qualification, selection and negotiation.
  • Procurement and contract management.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC).
  • Expediting and logistics.

Services are available for the sourcing of standard off-the-shelf equipment right through to procurement that may require intricate project management, complex, technical design and engineering, and product development and testing.

Our presence in the regional market gives us an advantage in procurement, expediting and quality control and availability checks.

Enginet Africa

Supplies systems for both bulk-materials handling as well as in-plant applications. Any difficult or unique handling problem involving conventional and novel systems is tackled, from feasibility study to lump-sum turnkey (LSTK) projects.