Enginet Africa is a total integrated solutions provider to the mining, bulk materials handling and minerals and metals processing, infrastructure, water, operations and maintenance sectors by offering innovative technological solutions through project management, construction, engineering under EngiProjects.

Enginet Africa Group’s dedicated passionate project team provides a range of project services.

The key sectors are:

  • Engineering,
  • Mining
  • Minerals & Metals Processing
  • Industrial,
  • Energy & Power,
  • Water & Environment,
  • Infrastructure

Use EngiProjects for:

  • Contracting and Project Management
  • Process oriented engineering
  • Specialist niche technologies
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Construction – civils, general building, mechanical, electricals, roads

Enginet Projects handles all projects:

  • LSTK(lump-sum turnkey) and EPCM(engineering, procurement, construction and management)
  • Large and small contracts, managed contracts or on a partnering basis
  • New facilities and brownfield upgrades
  • Retrofits and modifications
  • Installing processing equipment
  • Studies and plant audits
  • Operations & Maintenance including ShutDowns

Enginet Africa’s approach has a core environmental component to ensure that processing facilities are provided which are aligned with the concept of sustainable development.

  • Projects are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner with minimal environmental impact
  • Established processing facilities are made increasingly environmentally compliant – in accordance with ISO 14000
  • Guidance is provided on global legislation and local requirements.

Enginet Africa manages the conceptual development, design, engineering, construction through commissioning and commercial operation to maximise the success and profitability of a project,

Leading edge project management systems ensure a high level of control over all stages of a project, from marketing to handover of a facility to the client and beyond.

  • Client requirements and preferences easily accommodated
  • Timeous management techniques minimise cost and time overruns
  • Project systems integrate the entire project-engineering, 3D modelling, cost management, planning, materials control and document tracking and control
  • Reduced project duration and efficient designs through close alliances with preferred suppliers
  • Long-term collaboration enhances effective teamwork between the client and contractor.

Enginet Africa Process Technologies

Enginet Africa’s position as one of the leading project houses in the natural resources industry is supported by its processing know-how.

  • Enginet Africa’s technologies for minerals and metals processing resolve specific industry problems
  • Enginet Africa’s accumulated process know-how;
  • In-house developments and joint ventures and alliances with technology providers, research institute, clients and sometimes even competitors
  • Ongoing investment in technology development
  • Constant awareness of novel and state-of-the-art developments through its contacts internationally
  • Vast database of engineering design and case history documentation, methodologies and standard systems
  • Engineered advanced construction methodologies
  • Exceptional plant operation and maintenance team

Enginet Africa’s proven technologies

  • Flotation, thickening, clarification and mixing to process solids and liquids
  • Hydrometallurgical process, including leaching, ion-exchange and solvent extraction
  • Alternating-current (AC) and direct current (DC) furnace technology for pyrometallurgical processing
  • Overland conveying and drying during pneumatic conveying
  • Systems and equipment to minimise effluent generation, recycle as much water, energy and reagents as possible and recover valuable by-products to enhance revenue

Minerals and Metals processing

Comprehensive services for brownfield upgrades and complete, new, process plants are provided to the diamonds, industrial minerals, uranium, coal, precious and base metals and ferroalloy markets.

  • Pre-and feasibility studies
  • Due-diligence studies
  • Control-budget estimates and asset evaluations
  • Process developments and audits
  • Design and detail engineering
  • Project and contract management
  • Large and small EPCM and LSTK projects

Enginet Africa provides the technologies and equipment required, either from its in-house range or by selecting the most appropriate products from other suppliers.


Enginet Africa supplies technology and equipment for the processing of ferrous ores, chromite, manganese, nickel-laterite ores, ilmenite etc, and also for the recovery of valuable metals from waste dusts and slag such as zinc and cobalt.

Projects include the full range of services from basic engineering and technology equipment supply, to fully integrated lump-sum turnkey plants.

Our expertise covers DC Furnace technology, AC Furnace technology, Post-taphole technology, FEA and CFD modelling.

Engineered Technologies

Enginet Africa provides niche technologies for processing minerals and metals, bulk materials handling, pneumatic conveying, environmental control and water and effluent treatment, backed up by an efficient after-sales service.

This equipment and technology is supported by the proven design capability, project management and engineering skills required for even the largest turnkey projects.

The after-sales services are provided for all the equipment that Enginet Africa supplies.

Specialised Equipment and Systems

Enginet Africa supplies processing, environmental protection and handling technology to optimise process streams for minerals, cement, food, water and effluent treatment. The equipment is applied in both green and brownfield sites with global sourcing of material, technology and expertise.

  • Bulk materials handling e.g elevators, conveyors
  • Processing and comminution equipment: breakers, crushers, mills, classifiers, screens, scrubbers, flotation cells, cyclones etc
  • Pumping: a range of pumps in popular sizes for chemical, slurry and water applications
  • Water environmental: processes for water and effluent treatment-industrial plants
  • Air environmental: electrostatic precipitators, baghouses and bagfilters, cyclones and dry, semi-dry and wet scrubbers, as well as dry and semi-dry flue-gas desulphurisation systems for air pollution control.

Bulk Materials Handling

Enginet Africa’s comprehensive range of state-of-the-art systems for handling bulk materials enables the mining, metals and industrial sectors to select the best, most cost-effective system for any requirement, large or small.

  • Run of mine tips
  • Long, overland, belt conveyor systems
  • Stacking and reclaiming systems
  • In plant and high capacity conveyors
  • Waste dump disposal systems
  • Rapid train loading facilities
  • Domes for stockpiles

Enginet Africa undertakes feasibility studies and turnkey and project-manage materials handling contracts.

After-Sales Services

After-sales services are provided by specialist service engineers supported by an integrated equipment database and inventory control management system.

  • On-site inspections
  • Maintenance and maintenance trend reporting, supervision and service contracts
  • Repairs and refurbishment of used equipment
  • Easy sourcing of spares and inventory management
  • Construction services
  • Maintain designed levels of productivity for the plant’s life
  • Minimise downtime maximise stock availability while reducing stock holdings
  • Improve forecasting and demand planning and eliminate incorrect orders
  • Facilitate safety management on the plant

Recovery of Metals

Enginet Africa provides specialist metal recovery services to metallurgical processors and mining enterprises. The metal recovery plants – based on gravity separation-utilise classification technology. Coal, ore and industrial minerals are also beneficiated by jigging, while stainless steel dusts and base metal slags are smelted in DC furnaces to recover valuable metals.

  • High, cost-effective recoveries of saleable metal
  • The metal can be recovered for the client at a fixed fee per ton or the dump is processed in a joint venture with the owner and profits typically shared.

Enginet Africa

Supplies systems for both bulk-materials handling as well as in-plant applications. Any difficult or unique handling problem involving conventional and novel systems is tackled, from feasibility study to lump-sum turnkey (LSTK) projects.