Enginet Africa provides Engineering & Design services across all our operating sectors. We not only offer engineering as a stand-alone service but also as part of our EPC/Turnkey projects.

Our team consists of the full range of engineering disciplines; process, mechanical, electrical, fire, civil & structural, piping, control & instrumentation, draughting designers. The team also includes many professional engineers allowing design approvals across all the countries we are active.

No project is too small or large, from a review of a single drawing to multi-million dollar engineering efforts requiring large teams, we ensure we deliver quality to our clients.

We are experienced and involved in all parts of the project life-cycle:

Conceptual (Confirm business requirements and generation options)

  • Screening
  • Scoping
  • Site Selection
  • Fatal Flaw ID
  • Concept Option Development
  • Multi-Criteria Assessment
  • Business Model Development
  • Due Diligence

Pre-Feasibility (Select preferred option)

  • Pre-FEED
  • Project Scope
  • Planning Objectives
  • User Requirements
  • Options Development
  • Cost Estimating

Feasibility (Plan to construct asset)

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Site Investigations
  • Implementation Planning
  • Cost Estimating
  • Bankable Business Case

Execution (Construct and commission asset)

  • Detailed Engineering & Design
  • Temporary Works Design
  • Engineering for EPC
  • Technical Support
  • Site Supervision
  • Project Close-Out
  • Commissioning Support
  • Operations & Maintenance Engineering Support
  • Owner’s Engineer

Engineering Design

At Enginet Africa Group we understand and value the significance of latest and modern world class technology with regard to plant layouts, equipment design and performance and safety as related to production. An innovative production/processing plant layout is imperative to maximise efficiency in design and reduce both capital and operating costs in areas such as earthworks, civil engineering, piping, electrical and energy consumption. Enginet Projects has a full spectrum of engineering design personnel and our expertise in this area includes:

  • Cost-effective plant layout with due consideration to operation and maintenance requirements
  • Equipment specification, design and selection
  • Materials matching and selection
  • Computerised Detailed engineering and draughting
  • Manufacturing and Project Costing
  • Operability analysis and Full Hazops Studies
  • Ergonomics and Safety Considerations
  • Paint-system design
  • Environmental Analysis

Our design teams include experienced section leaders, Draughtspersons and CAD operators. Each design will be based on the client’s project brief issued at engagement. We have the capability to generate full 3D project models that the design team can interrogate down to the level of bill of materials documentation.

Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Enginet provides Mechanical and Structural Engineering Design services. This involves material handling systems, pumping and piping systems, mineral processing equipment, power transmission systems and equipment, structural steel equipment support frames, access ways and platforms, mechanical lifting and hoisting equipment, Liquid handling and agitation equipment, dust extraction and other air handling equipment, Steam generation and heat exchanging equipment, pressure vessels and various complete plants such as complete crushing circuits, mineral processing plants, cement manufacturing plants, ore hoisting equipment, tailings disposal plants, food processing equipment, spillage and splash-free transfer points and junction boxes etc.

The Enginet’s mechanical design team uses modern design software which reduces design and detailed engineering manhours translating into huge savings on costs for the client. Our aim is to provide a total engineering service from design engineering, costing engineering, procurement, manufacture/construction and project management.

Our previous experience obtained in the region is testimony to our ability in detailed mechanical engineering design.

Electrical and Instrumentation

ENGINET AFRICA GROUP strives to be a leading, independent and self- sufficient provider of electrical, instrumentation and control systems to industry and the mining sector.
We offer electrical designs for high and medium voltage heavy current and light current, as well as instrumentation design and sophisticated software programming and data communications. We also have the capability to analyse, upgrade and optimise power systems on mining and large industrial sites that will lead to reduced energy bills, the optimisation of processes and the cost-effective management of energy consumption.

We engineer, procure, programme and commission state-of-the-art control systems – supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and video display, programmable logic control (PLC), networks, historian and management information systems (MIS) – for mining as well as broad industrial applications. For specialist instrumentation, we are able to design and engineer cost-saving solutions.

One of our prime offerings is the stand-alone electrical engineering facility, encompassing distribution substation design, the design of generating stations for remote mines, energy management, power system analysis, software development for power system applications, instrumentation and PLC programming, data communications and data logging, SCADA and mine winder and hoisting control systems.

Civil Engineering Design

Enginet being a multi-disciplinary project house believes that the best approach to serving clients is through a one-stop shop arrangement where the client gets all requirements from one point. Our civil engineering section carry out civil engineering design work necessary to create the founding for the bulky of the work that we do. These structures include general foundations and slabs, major equipment support foundations such as crusher foundations, mill foundations, conveyor support foundations pumping bases, bundwalls, various reinforced concrete structures such as retaining walls, liquid handling facilities, silos, drainage systems etc. The civil engineering team’s function is to support our core business which is the mechanical and structural engineering business in the mineral processing and associated industries.

The civil engineering team is also responsible for carrying out pre-construction work, review of mechanical, process and electrical works, in order to determine civil engineering requirements and are actively involved in review of post construction activities i.e. ensuring that civil engineering facilities are designed, installed and activated according to owners’ operational needs.