Water & Sewage


ENGINET AFRICA has provided pragmatic, customized engineering solutions to the water handling industries for the past six years. Enginet Africa has achieved this by adhering to trusted rules, methods and designs whilst being mindful of industry trends, developments in technology and the dynamic environment in which it operates.

As urbanisation grows and takes hold in the developing world, populations move into cities in large numbers. This calls for a speed and adequate response in making sure that clean safe water is accessible and available for those new urban populations. This brings the need for portable water, treatment of industrial water. With this realisation, Enginet Africa provides comprehensive tailored solutions to the water industry. With expertise in water and sewage reticulation, technologies in water treatment, Enginet Africa designs and manufactures, erect, commission, operate and maintain water infrastructure.

Enginet Africa is a multidisciplinary partner in the construction of bulk water transport, treatment and storage systems.

Enginet Africa’s ability to provide cost effective facilities in the construction and installation of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and control & instrumentation services makes it possible for various clients to cost effectively execute their capital projects.