Leading solutions provider to the resource industries

Decades of Experience in the mining and mineral processing, civil and structural, EPCM, Industrial Processing, Construction and Infrastructure development industries in Southern Africa.

Our operations are guided strictly with procedures that clearly define the established methods of performing tasks including inter-relationships and timing of activities/decisions, responsibilities and information flow, authorities and approvals.

Enginet Africa Group is thorough in the improvement communities in which we operate where people are at the heart of the design, embedding sustainability into every aspect of our operation and project delivery is fundamental to driving change. Regardless of whether the projects are obvious, inspiring or somewhat obscure, our goal is to weave the threads of sustainability into the tapestry of every project we design. And to harness the power of storytelling and sharing the unplugged stories of our people to inspire a culture of sustainability.

A vibrant and sustainable future is not an impossible dream. Through innovation, discovery, evolving expertise and corporate transparency, we strive to imagine what a better future looks like.  By embracing change and disruption we create liveable design solutions that deliver enduring intergenerational equity of resources and infrastructure.

Sustainable behaviour of the future will see a blurring between commercial and community ideals; where organisations operate as hybrids of traditional business models with flexible, fluid capabilities. It may be where creativity and consultation are favoured over defining a discrete problem and providing a definitive solution. We are prepared to ask difficult questions, challenge long standing traditions and enact measurable action plans that might involve moving outside our areas of commercial expertise.

Enginet Africa group focuses on building an innovative and diverse culture around sustainable economic, social and environmental impacts. We report on, and learn from, our performance against globally recognised standards, that are often above local regulations and legislative requirements. We push our operational boundaries by innovating the possible, exploring the probable and challenging the remotely plausible.


ENGINET AFRICA strives towards being a leader in the field of safety with the policy that all safety management and practices are people-based, ‘beyond zero’ process that strives for a total safety culture by making the workplace people-driven rather than behaviour-driven.

With the understanding of safety management and practices it is imperative knowing that health, is an integral part of all our activities.

As an organisation we have established the expectation that it is the responsibility of all personnel to create and maintain a safe work environment.


SHE is an integral part of Enginet Africa’s management systems. Our SHE policy guides our operations in a way that is safe and without risk to health, machinery and the environment, as we continuously emphasise SAFETY FIRST. We are proud of our world-class safety record, which is consistently at industry benchmark standards.

Enginet Africa’s core environmental approach at all the work sites ensures that we are aligned with the concept of sustainable development. Responsible project execution ensures that we minimise our impact on the environment.

Supply of permanent solutions:

As a leader in the supply of permanent solutions, processing plants, ENGINET AFRICA has in the past provided complete services needed to establish processing, materials-handling and environmental-control facilities on most of the region’s largest mines.